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takin' a break

last week, i went into hyper-speed trying to get things taken care of for the underground. this week, i'm takin' a break. my goal to is to think about it as little as possible...until monday...at which point, i'll probably have to go into super-hyper-speed to catch up. well, it's probably really not that bad, but i will have lots to get done.
i am super excited, though, and i'll try to give more updates as to the proceedings. as we stand, we are waiting for some final prices from our contractor for doing the work. once he gives them to us and we say, 'yes' (for of course we will...we've already come too far), he'll go fill out the paperwork for the finishing permit. prayerfully, they'll start finishing out the space next week. that'll put opening time right about early to mid-april.
so my friend beth has this intuition thing going on, more than i've ever seen in anyone else. or, at least, no one else has so freely revealed it to me. she says that once the underground gets started, and i've proven to myself that i can do it, i'll know i can do anything. she says i already can do anything, i just don't know it yet; this process will help me realize that. who knows? she may be right, or she might've just had a few too many meatballs in her sub at lunchtime. i don't know particularly why i mentioned that...i guess it's just been on my mind today.
well i know everyone out there is as super excited as i am about the underground, so i will post the logo just as soon as a can, so you can all oooh and aahhhh and drool over it. i'd do it now, but i'm on the home computer. you'll have to wait until i get online with my laptop. you can't handle the suspense can you? it's killing you, i know. why do you think i'm waiting? just kidding, i love you guys...really...all of you...even you, the random person who haphazardly stumbled into my blog and is reading this to idly pass the time...i love even you...now go away...i'm taking a break.


At February 3, 2005 at 10:24 PM, Blogger Kristen said...

I'm really happy that you have decided to grace us once again with your presence...took you long enough. Really though, thanks for the wonderful advice...I feel a lot better today. Took a whole lot of Vitamin C and stuff. Anywho...that sounded weird, oh well. Congrats on everything. If you need a good manager I might now someone who could fill that position quite well. Just messing with ya.

At February 7, 2005 at 4:13 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Hey Hey! Congrats on the coffee shop stuff! I am so glad you FINALLY decided to grace us bloggers with your presence. Hope you keep it up. I'll be checking!


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