lessons (un)learned


lessons learned

Some lessons we learn; others we don't and get opportunities to learn again. Others still are things we once knew and trusted, but somewhere along the way we must unlearn - lessons not necessarily good or bad, but that we have outgrown or outlasted. And really, isn't this learning - this growth and change - what life is about?

I'm very much a calculated man. I think a lot (sometimes too much), and once I've made up my mind, there is very little hope of it changing.

I changed the title of my blog today, and that was very un-calculated. The thought came to me, and with very little afterthought, I decided to do it. Maybe somewhere in the spontaneity of it all is a lesson to be learned.

In light of these thoughts, here are a few other things I've learned over the past few weeks...

1. Puppies require lots of attention.

2. Cats are good at hiding...behind grass.

3. 3-D movies are expensive. (It must be those high-class glasses.)

4. It doesn't hurt when baby ducks eat from your hand.

5. Mac is not a killer (even when i practically give him a helpless bird).

6. I know why my wife likes giraffes.

7. Contrary to what some people think, your swan boat can be "going nowhere" even though you peddle with all your might.

8. The 80s are back.

9. I waste too much time at work, so the list must go on for another day...